Dewhurst cements status as DC-insider-like

Sadly, and for me disappointingly, we now have a clear picture that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst doesn’t stand with conservatives despite him spending the regular session of the Legislature attempting at every turn to rehabilitate his post Senate-defeat image.

During the debate on the transportation funding bill, which would have cut in half the amount we save to our state’s savings account and would have provided for no protections for maintaining a suitable balance in the fund before sending money away to be spent by TxDOT, Senator Dan Patrick strongly pointed out those shortcomings to the bill’s sponsor Senator Robert Nichols.

An important point made by Patrick was that with the bill, GOP leadership had removed pressure from Democrats having to vote either for transportation funding or against keeping a healthy balance in the rainy day fund, and instead, put Republicans “in the box” by “caving” on the provision which requires a healthy fund balance before extra spending kicks in.

Patrick’s point was correct but Dewhurst couldn’t take the pointing out of the obvious that Texas GOP leaders had engaged in the same stupid behavior as their DC counterparts. Dewhurst interrupted another Senator and, arguing the bill from the dais, said that Patrick’s use of the word “caved” was “inflammatory” rhetoric. Dewhurst then refused to recognize Patrick to respond.

When leaders call such simple comments “inflammatory” what they are really saying is “how dare you point out my terrible failure.” Dewhurst has now cemented his status as DC-insider-like and frankly, I’m surprised and disappointed.


You can hear and see the comments here:   Patrick’s “caved” comment is at the 14 minute and 30 second mark. Dewhurst chimes in to argue the bill from the dias at the 21 minute mark, stay with it for a moment more to see him refuse to recognize Patrick to respond (like a bully child).

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