Ignorance is behind confusing abortion with capital punishment

In the debate on stronger health and safety regulations for abortion providers and banning abortions after 5 months in Texas, a member of the House of Representatives trotted out a tired and intellectually hard to defend argument that capital punishment is akin to abortion and everyone is a hypocrite who supports the death penalty for murderers but opposes aborting babies.

A strong but flippant answer that old saw is this: So do you consider babies to be guilty of murder? Not understanding why abortion and the death penalty are wholly different is at the root of not being able to comprehend why abortion is so heinous.

If we support Liberty as a principal, is it a contradiction that we deprive some of their liberty who would do others harm? Of course not, because all of us but the most extreme leftist understand that people make choices and must be responsible for such. And such is the case with capital punishment: It is because we so highly honor Life, which flows from our Creator, that we impose the ultimate penalty upon those who choose to take the life of another without just cause. No other punishment fits the crime in the sense of being proportional to what was done.

Not having a death penalty is no respect for Life but, the opposite – saying that one’s Life is only equal to one’s Liberty. That diminishes the respect for Life by dumbing such down to a lower standing.

With a child in the womb it should be clear to all that the baby has not yet made any choices for which it is proportional to end its life. The baby is a human being who had no say, no role, in how it was created or why and thus should not pay the ultimate penalty for actions of others.

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